4th Quarter

April 2

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April 16

-People go through great lengths to keep their pride in one piece.
-It is a grave error to confuse pride with being proud.
-A strong pride keeps one true to themselves.
-Having pride brings out the best and the worst.
-A hurt pride is a deep wound that takes time to heal.

April 23

- Ask yourself how successful you were and if you had character in the process.

- Character is the only thing we can take to the grave and the most substantial thing from the legacy we leave behind.

- Moral character may keep someone poor but wealthy of happiness; whereas the wealthy person with an immoral character will be lost, paranoid, and end up unhappy.

- The character you portray is the character people will use with you and how you will be remembered.

- Regardless of a deceiving physical appearance, one's true character will always shine through. 


April 30

- Hatred is what humans feel when there is so much pain and confusion.

- Teaching others to hate is the worst crime committed in history.

- Hate is such a strong dangerous emotion if felt constantly.

- Hatred is a poisoning emotion.   

- Hatred consumes happiness and life and in the end you will wish you spent your time feeling something else.

May 7- Prejudice

- It is unbelievable that prejudice is justified as a method to get to know the rest of the world.

- Prejudice is a product of stupidity and ignorance.

- Just as you have prejudice against someone, someone will have prejudice against you.

- Prejudice insprires a cycle of hate; because you have prejudice others will have prejudice against your people thinking all of them have prejudice.

- Prejudce is an unfair way of deciding who is good and who is bad. 

May 14

- The ingredients for a celebration are people, fun, laughter, and more fun.

- Regardless of financial problems, people always find a way to properly celebrate.

- The key in living an extraordinary life is by celebrating the ordinary.

- People use any possible excuse to celebrate because celebrating makes people joyful.

- A portion of celebrating is due to tradition and the other portion is due to the need of showing immense happiness.    

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