Integrity Clobbers: April 3rd

1)      Integrity has shown to be one of the highest values of a truly good-hearted individual.

2)      Integrity is important to have in all aspects of ones life, but it is most crucial to include in friendships.

3)      The more one strives for integrity, the more they will live up to their own expectations.

4)      True integrity is the most natural characteristic a person can have; for, it is built up by the person themselves through their actions, decisions, and experiences with the world.

5)      Integrity is appealing since not all people possess it as well as others or do not possess it at all.


Pride Clobbers: April 17th

1)      Pride must not be mistaken for vanity; for, pride is respect for oneself whereas vanity is focused on the attention of what others think.

2)      Pride comes in two basic forms, outgoing and personal, and the later is the type that most everyone appreciates the most.

3)      Pride in oneself is critical to one’s self confidence.

4)      Pride will withstand the criticisms of others most when the topic of issue is significantly important to the individual.

5)      Pride stands at the core of a government’s effectiveness and loyalty by the people.


Character Clobbers: April 24th

1)      Without character this world would surly be unreal.

2)      The character of a person is often judged too soon.

3)      A person’s character is not only developed by their experiences, but also by their natural creation.

4)      Character will always be essential to a person future and how they live their life; therefore, it is imperative that everyone is taught to do the right things in life.

5)      Character is one of the most precious values of the human being; for, everyone is different to some extent.


Hatred Clobbers: April 30th

1)      Hatred is arguably an emotion of the imagination.

2)      Hatred is a tough topic of discussion to come by since most everyone is unsure of its existence.

3)      Hatred must be the ugliest word in the English language.

4)      When someone admits feelings of hatred, always remind them that the correct term is to despise.

5)      Hatred is not politically or mannerly correct by today’s standards.


Prejudice Clobbers: May 8th

1)      Prejudice has shown to slowly diminish through the years, but has also shown to stay alive.

2)      Prejudice is fed by gossipers, people who think that color and race affect whether a person is good or bad, and the narrow-minded.

3)      Prejudice is an offspring of the term evil, so evil must be rid of.

4)      Prejudice may be the leading cause of a wide variety of issues in society today.

5)      Prejudice has become a main concern in society, and this is the main reason for its weakened state.


Celebration Clobbers: May 15th

1)      Celebrating the small events and occurrences in life make each day that much more important for which to live.

2)      Celebration can be as simple as rejoicing in the day that you were blessed with.

3)      The meaning of the celebration of birthdays is often overlooked, when what we are actually celebrating is the fact that we are alive.

4)      Celebrations should be had at least twice a week so that people will remember there life more clearly.

5)      Celebration is merely a way of expressing excitement for an event or occurrence that holds important meaning.

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