May 15th


1) Celebration is that thing one does after they put up with years of high school crap.

2) The Celebration of our differences fosters a love between peoples that can not be broken.

3) Celebration is a good excuse to name yourself the center of attention.

4) Celebration, something that should be done everday, as life is the most precious, unsquanderable gift given to you.

5) Now that clobbers are done, there will be a great deal of celebration.

May 8th

 Prejudice Clobbers:

1) Prejudice is a great thing, it allows people to form fully ignorant opinions without knowing any of the facts.

2) What do you get when you cross misinformation with a lack of education? Prejudice.

3) Prejudice is the reasoning of foolish men.

4) Prejudice is blind and it speaks mostly lies.

5) In order for society to keep moving forward we must first abandon the prejudices of the past.

Clobber: Character

1) Character is what a man has when everything else has been taken away.
2) Character is the sum of oneself as seen by others.
3) Character is something best earned through experience.
4) Character is the one thing of yourself you can't sell.
5)  Character is your morality and dignity wrapped up tightly in a package of ones sincerity.

Pride: April 17th 

- Pride is what stands between oneself and the ability to laugh at oneself

- Some have choked to death while swallowing their pride.

- Pride is a commitment to the quality of oneself.

- Shame is the cheek to pride's tongue.

-  Pride forces a man to look for pride in other men, and for those who exhibit that pride to show no weakness in those beliefs.

Integrity Clobbers: April 3rd

1) Integrity is the act of doing the right thing, especially when no one is forcing you to.

2) Integrity is living true to one's own moral code, for good or bad.

3) Integrity shapes ones morals, and vice-verse.

4)  One's Integrity can not be questioned if ones integrity is not questionable.

5) A hearts voice speaks the language of integrity.

 March, 13, 2009:


- Wisdom is knowing when to hold your tongue back.

- The wise only speak when they have something to say, the unwise speak because they have to say something.

- The difference between knowledge and wisdom is in the application

- Wisdom is not find the answers, but asking the questions.

- The wise can truly comprehend their own ignorance.

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Hello. My name is Robert Parkinson, and I'm an Alcoholic.

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